How much is a Commodore 64 worth today?

Why was the Commodore 64 so important?

It was more powerful and cheaper than any of its competitors (the Apple II, IBM-PC, or the TRS-80). The success of the Commodore 64 was due in part to marketing – it was not only sold by authorized dealers but in department stores, discount stores, toy stores and college bookstores as well.

Is Commodore 64 still used today?

C64 emulators allow anyone with a modern computer, or a compatible video game console, to run these programs today. The C64 is also credited with popularizing the computer demoscene and is still used today by some computer hobbyists.

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Why was the Commodore 64 so cheap?

Because they could manufacture their own chips, Commodore was able to sell the C64 for much less than other systems, and they sold it in regular stores rather than just in computer or electronics stores. Commodore sold between 10 and 17 million units by 1994.

How powerful is a Commodore 64?

The Commodore 64 can perform 45 cycles, while the two modern PCs perform approximately 7,000,000 cycles in 10 seconds. It is true that the CPU of modern PCs was not 100% busy while running the test program, but we can still say that the CPU of a modern PC is at least 150.000 times more powerful than that of the C64.

What character encoding did the Commodore 64 use?

PETSCII (PET Standard Code of Information Interchange), also known as CBM ASCII, is the character set used in Commodore Business Machines (CBM)’s 8-bit home computers, starting with the PET from 1977 and including the C16, C64, C116, C128, CBM-II, Plus/4, and VIC-20.

What were C64 games programmed in?

  • Not generally.
  • Instead, most games on 8-bit computers like the C64 and Spectrum were written using Assembly Language.

What font did the Commodore 64 use?

Typefaces. The adverts for the Commodore 64 computer on magazines used Kabel Black in all caps for titles. Notably, even the computer’s name was rendered in Kabel Black sometimes—apparently mostly around 1985—rather than using the logo in Eurostile.

Was the Commodore 64 just a keyboard?

Branding Commodore
Manufacturer Mitsumi (keyboard)
Keyswitches Mitsumi KSR Type Possible Mitsumi clone
Keycaps Spherical sculptured ABS, double-shot or pad-printed.

Why did Commodore fail?

It separated the Commodore and Amiga operations into separate divisions and quickly started using the Commodore brand name on a line of PCs sold in Europe. However, it soon started losing money due to over-expansion, went bankrupt on July 15, 1996, and was liquidated.

Can the Commodore 64 access the Internet?

Can a Commodore 64 run Doom?

Doom for the Commodore SuperCPU is a direct port of the Linux Doom source code to the Commodore 64 and Commodore 128 computer systems with the SuperCPU upgrade, which consists of a 65c816 clocked at 20 MHz with an accompanying 16 MB RAM upgrade.

How much RAM did the Commodore 64 have?

RAM: 64 KB (65,536 bytes), of which 38 KB minus 1 byte (38911 bytes) were available for BASIC programs. 512 bytes colour RAM (1 K nybbles) Expandable to 320 KB with Commodore 1764 256 KB RAM Expansion Unit (REU); although only 64 KB directly accessible; REU mostly intended for GEOS.

Can a Commodore 64 connect to modern TV?

Will a Commodore 64 work on a modern TV?

You can use a cheap adapter like this one to connect a Commodore 64 to most televisions today. If your TV has a round antenna connector rather than a two-wire connector–a fairly safe bet–you’re in luck. You need an RCA video cable along with a converter, which you can get from Radio Shack or Ebay.

Did the C64 have a hard drive?

Kernal hard drive subsystem for the C64. The Lt. Kernal mated a 10 megabyte Seagate ST-412 hard drive to an OMTI SASI intelligent controller, creating a high speed bus interface to the C64’s expansion port. Connection of the SASI bus to the C64 was accomplished with a custom designed host adapter.

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Did Commodore 64 have a mouse?

The first mouse released for the C64 was the NEOS Mouse in 1985 by the company Nihon Electronics Co. Ltd., however it was quickly superseded when Commodore introduced their own mouse the following year. A handful of drawing programs, GEOS, and the C64 port of Arkanoid can use the NEOS Mouse.

What games could you play on a Commodore 64?

Commodore 64/Video games

Is Commodore 64 a mini computer?

Now, the Commodore 64 experience is back, thanks to the C64 Mini — a retro console that may not officially bear the Commodore name, yet still carries all of its heart. Featuring 64 built-in games, the C64 Mini’s library is but a mere drop in the ocean compare to the thousands of games that released on the platform.

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