Is BMW X1 a good choice?

Its well-rounded nature has earned it a place on our 2022 Editors’ Choice list. BMW also sells the more stylish X2, which is admittedly even sportier to drive, but we think the X1 offers a better blend of driving fun and practicality.

When did BMW stop making X1?

The E84 BMW X1 is a subcompact luxury crossover SUV and was produced from 2009 to 2015.

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Is it expensive to maintain BMW X1?

A BMW X1 will cost about $17,516 for maintenance and repairs during its first 10 years of service. This is more than the industry average for luxury SUV models by $1,802. There is also a 54.61% chance that a X1 will require a major repair during that time. This is 15.05% worse than similar vehicles in this segment.

Is X1 an SUV or a car?

The X1 is a compact five-seat SUV smaller than the X3. The base 240-hp, turbocharged four-cylinder, mated to an eight-speed automatic, provides quick acceleration, and is available with rear- or all-wheel drive.

Is BMW X1 affordable?

The front-wheel-drive BMW X1 sDrive28i has a base MSRP of $35,400. Adding all-wheel drive, known as xDrive, raises the price to $37,400. Both are common starting prices for a luxury subcompact SUV .

How many models of BMW X1 are there?

The X1 is offered in 3 variants namely sDrive20i SportX, sDrive20i xLine, sDrive20d xLine. The cheapest BMW X1 variant is the sDrive20i SportX which has a price tag of Rs. 41.50 Lakh while the most expensive variant is the BMW X1 sDrive20d xLine which commands a price of Rs. 44.50 Lakh.

Is BMW X1 same as Mini Cooper?

The BMW X1 is available in 1998 cc engine with 1 fuel type options: Petrol and MINI Cooper is available in 1998 cc engine with 1 fuel type options: Petrol. X1 provides the mileage of 14.8 kmpl and Cooper provides the mileage of 16.3 kmpl.


What is Mercedes version of BMW X1?

We think it’s the Mercedes-Benz GLA 250, and here’s why. The BMW X1 starts at an MSRP of $35,400, and the 2021 Mercedes-Benz GLA 250 has a $36,230 starting MSRP.

Is BMW a better car than Mercedes?

The J.D. Power 2021 Vehicle Dependability Study assessed 2018 models of the world’s most famous brands, noting number of problems per 100 vehicles. BMW came 11th with a score of 108 issues. Mercedes-Benz ranked 15th with 122.

Is X1 bigger than GLA?

Small Outside, Big Inside. Looking at the specs, you might think there’s a subcompact crossover copy machine in Germany; the X1 and GLA are sized just about the same.

Is BMW X1 powerful?

Good Performance Car

The power and performance of this vehicle are amazing. It looks and feels great with a nice interior, and the comfort of the vehicle is also good.

Is BMW X1 good for long drives?

Owing to a super luxurious and functional cabin, long distance journeys become very easy and comfortable.

Is BMW X1 fuel efficient?

The EPA estimates that the 2023 X1 should deliver 25 mpg city and 34 mpg highway, which is slightly better than the 2022 model in both metrics. When we have a chance to test the new X1 on our 75-mph highway fuel economy route, we’ll update this story with the results.

Is X3 bigger than X1?

The X3 is dimensionally larger than the X1, so unsurprisingly, its 67.2 cubic feet of cargo space is larger than the 57.2 cubic feet of its little sibling. What is surprising though, is how each model makes use of space in its interior.

Is BMW X1 an estate or SUV?

In its first-generation, the X1 was more of a rugged, jacked-up estate car powered by a few diesel engines. With this new third-generation model, though, BMW has aimed to turn it into a fully-fledged posh and polished SUV with an electrified engine line-up.

Which is bigger BMW X1 or X2?

As both vehicles are nearly identical in dimensions, the big differences between the X1 and the X2 is in the shape of the vehicle. Described as a Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV); which many would call an SUV, the X1 exhibits a sturdy shape with a high rear-end and a more traditional 4×4/SUV style.

Is X1 bigger than X5?

While both are SAVs®, the X1 is a compact vehicle, making it slightly smaller in overall size than the X5.

BMW X1 vs BMW X5: Interior & Exterior Dimensions.

BMW X1 vs BMW X5 Dimensions
Vehicle X1 X5
Length/Width/Height 175.5/71.7/62.9 inches 194.3/78.9/68.7 inches

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