Is Swatch X Omega worth it?

Overall, I think the Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch is a fun watch for the price. It looks great on the wrist, provides some interesting color choices, and contains great details on the dial. However, there is something to be desired in the case itself, and the watch weighs and feels like a cheap watch.

How much does Omega X Swatch cost?

With a retail price of just $260, Omega x Swatch gave watch lovers and rookies alike the chance to put the legendary Omega Speedmaster Chronograph on their wrist for a fraction of the usual $6350 price tag.

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Is Omega X Swatch MoonSwatch limited edition?

While these are definitely special, they aren’t part of a limited edition, so you should indeed be able to get your hands on one. Only available in selected Swatch stores.

Is MoonSwatch limited edition?

It wasn’t even a limited edition. Instead, it was a $260 mash-up of Omega’s Speedmaster Professional design, known as the Moonwatch for its role in NASA’s Apollo space program and retailing for $6,400, and Swatch’s colorful bioceramic, a proprietary mix of ceramic and what the brand calls bio-sourced plastic.

Which Omega Swatch is most popular?

The MoonSwatch Mission to Neptune is by far the most in demand MoonSwatch, selling for between $1,700 USD and $2,000 USD on secondary market websites such as StockX and eBay. That is 4 to 5 times the premium price of many of the other MoonSwatch models and almost 8 times the retail price.

Why is Swatch X Omega so popular?

The launch was popular because no one has ever taken a luxury watch and created and entry level version of the watch. What Swatch and OMEGA did well on this was it’s a general release not a limited edition one, so more fans and collectors will get their hands on these cool watches,” said Anand.

How much will the Swatch Omega resell for?

The collaboration isn’t even a limited-edition.

Which is the best MoonSwatch?

Out of all the Moonswatch watches, it was the ‘Mercury‘ that the Man of Many team voted as the overarching favourite. While the Mission to Moon might appear as the closest thing to a ‘real’ Omega Moonwatch, the Mission to Mercury has the perfect combination of black and grey.

Why is MoonSwatch so popular?

The Moonswatch collection sees the joint collaboration between a luxury and street brand – a recent trend as of late – that features 11 colourful and affordable watches, retailing at $2,100 apiece. This, of course, sparked a shopping frenzy for watch fans not just in Hong Kong, but also around the world.

Is MoonSwatch worth?

While the MoonSwatch has yet to rival the most popular sneaker and apparel collaborations, it is definitely proven itself to be one of the most valuable and profitable releases in 2022.

Is the MoonSwatch plastic?

Both the MoonSwatch and the CasiOak are quartz, made of plastic (of sorts), cost in the low three figures — and they’re both riding on the popularity of higher-end luxury watches.

Can I buy MoonSwatch online?

However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Shop the MoonSwatch now on eBay, StockX, or Chrono24.

Is MoonSwatch waterproof?

The crystal is flat and beveled, with a solid case back, and a water-resistance rating of 50 meters. This is basically standard splash-proof, but you might get away with showering and swimming.

Is the MoonSwatch scratch resistant?

First off, instead of stainless steel, the MoonSwatch’s case is made of Swatch’s proprietary BioCeramic, which blends ceramic and castor seed-derived bio-plastic into a material that’s lightweight, scratch-resistant, pleasing to the touch, and just generally cool.

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Is Omega Swatch discontinued?

Swatch has said the Omega and Swatch collaboration watches are not limited editions and will continue to be produced.

How long does a Swatch last?

Between 2- 3 years, depending on the size of the battery and the function. For example, watches with the Chronograph function may have a battery life that is less than, for example, a Swatch Original Gent watch.

Do Swatch watches go up in value?

Swatch PAGO PAGO GL400

The 1986 PAGO PAGO GL400 vintage Swatch watch is a design that has earned much appreciation over the years. It is now one of the most sought-after Swatch models and its value on the market is constantly increasing.

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