Is the Commodore an Opel?

The Opel Commodore is an executive car (E-segment) produced by Opel from 1967 to 1982. It is the six-cylinder variant of the Rekord with styling differences. The Commodore nameplate was used by Opel from 1967 to 1982. However, its nameplate/lineage continued until 2020 with the Australian Holden Commodore.

Where was the Opel Commodore made?

Four decades ago Commodore began life as this Opel Senator

Retaining the Holden Commodore badge on an Opel-based large car from Germany perhaps could be a case of déjà vu – after all, the original 1978 VB was heavily based on this German-built Opel Senator up for sale in the UK classifieds this week.

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What is a Commodore car?

The Holden Commodore was a muscle car that was only sold in Australia. The carmaker was owned by General Motors, competing with other U.S. car brands, like Chrysler and Ford, in the Australian market. Holden officially folded in 2020 after shutting down the country’s last factory near Adelaide.

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Is Commodore still used?

Navy a commodore is ranked above a captain and below a rear admiral; the designation has usually been used only in wartime.

Does Commodore still exist?

Commodore International (other names include Commodore International Limited) was an American home computer and electronics manufacturer founded by Jack Tramiel.

Commodore International.

Commodore Werk, Braunschweig
Defunct May 6, 1994
Fate Bankruptcy liquidation; inventory and intellectual property acquired by Escom AG on April 22, 1995

What is the American equivalent of a Commodore?

Its equivalents are colonel-major in the Army and commodore-major in the Air Force. It is usually—but incorrectly—referred to as “navy commodore”, to avoid confusion with the “air force commodore”, which is equivalent to the navy’s captain and army’s colonel.

What is a Commodore equivalent to?

Commodore is a senior naval rank used in many navies which is equivalent to brigadier and air commodore. It is superior to a navy captain, but below a rear admiral.

What is another word for Commodore?

What is another word for commodore?
skipper captain
commander shipmaster
skip sea captain
ship’s captain senior captain
magister navis ship’s master

1 more row

What is Opel called in USA?

Opel builds vehicles that are also sold in other parts of the world under a variety of names. For example, its cars are sold under the Buick nameplate in North America and China, whereas it is called Holden in Australia.

What is Opel called in England?

Opel vehicles are sold in the United Kingdom as Vauxhall. Some Opel vehicles were badge-engineered in Australia under the Holden brand until 2020 and in North America and China under the Buick, Saturn, and Cadillac brands.

What does SS in Holden stand for?

That SS heritage stretches back to 1961 and the first Chevrolet Impala SS. GM has used the Super Sport badge to signify performance versions of many vehicles including the Camaro, Chevelle, El Camino, Impala, Monte Carlo, and Nova.

What is the fastest Holden?

JEREMY Martin’s VB Commodore was purchased in 2005 as a $1000 253 banger. It has since undergone a number of transformations that have seen it progress into the world’s fastest and quickest Holden Commodore.

What was the last Commodore?

General Motors says the red Holden Commodore V8 it retained as the last car (pictured below) was “the last body to enter the General Assembly plant and go down the assembly line receiving all of its components via the standard production process”.

Does SS mean supercharged?

“SS” is an acronym for “Super Sport,” which is a major signature performance package manufactured by General Motors, and it is common with the Chevrolet. Some examples of Super Sports cars are Chevrolet Impala (manufactured in 1961), Nova, Camino, Camaro, Monte Carlo, Chevelle, and the Chevrolet truck.

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The supercharger provides this optimum boost throughout the rev band without any lag. This direct connection to the engine makes superchargers more powerful than turbochargers, but this also makes superchargers considerably less efficient. In the end, they are designed to produce engine power by drawing engine power.

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