Is the Suzuki Jimny available in the US?

Although the current generation of the Jimny isn’t sold stateside, it’s coveted by a lot of American enthusiasts—so much so that some dealerships still try to sell them here.

Is the Suzuki Jimny discontinued?

Non-electrified variants of all Suzuki models have been phased out and the Jimny is no longer available to order from new. This is mostly due to the adverse effect it has on the brand’s fleet average CO2 emissions.

How much is Jimny 2022 in the Philippines?

Suzuki Jimny 2022 is a 4 Seater SUV available between a price range of ₱1.17 – 1.285 Million in the Philippines. It is available in 8 colors, 4 variants, 1 engine, and 2 transmissions option: Manual and Automatic in the Philippines.

Is Jimny a diesel or gas?

The Suzuki Jimny is offered Gasoline engine in the Philippines. The new SUV from Suzuki comes in a total of 4 variants. If we talk about Suzuki Jimny engine specs then the Gasoline engine displacement is 1462 cc.

Is Jimny a 7 seater?

Maruti Jimny is a 5 seater suv.

Is Suzuki Jimny a good car Philippines?

Ride quality is good but don’t expect a super smooth ride as the Jimny is a body-on-frame SUV like a Toyota Land Cruiser or Mitsubishi Pajero, and not a crossover. All-around visibility while driving is also excellent thanks to the large windows and windshield.

Is Jimny available in diesel?

As of now the Maruti Suzuki Jimny is only expected in Petrol Engine for now.

Is Jimny a 2 seater?

This is the Jimny Light Commercial Vehicle, a new 2-seater variant of the Jimny.

Is the new Jimny Diesel?

There is no turbo, no hybrid assistance, and no diesel. Suzuki never got round to confirming how quickly the 1.5-litre motor can haul all 1,135kg (1,090kg sans rear seats) of Jimny from 0-62mph, but if it’s under 12 seconds we’d be impressed. And buy the brave-shifting test driver a pint.

Is Jimny fuel efficient?

It is a two-seat vehicle that is powered by a 1197cc engine. The fuel consumption of Jimny is 6.2 km/l in the city and 5.2 km/l on the highway.

Is a Jimny good on fuel?

Suzuki says the official fuel consumption of the Jimny stands at 6.4L per 100km on a combined cycle or the manual, or 6.9L per 100km for the automatic.

What does Jimny mean in Japanese?

The theory continues that the Jimny was named after the character in the story, Jiminy Cricket; literally, an insect who serves as Pinocchio’s conscience. The character represented a small, smart, safe persona; exactly what Suzuki had in mind for its little off-roader.

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Is Suzuki Jimny a reliable car?

Jimnys are highly durable, with a low threshold of electronic complexity. Mechanically, the engine is relatively unstressed, too. Interestingly, the design change from centre console buttons to a traditional floor-mounted low-range shifter has made the latest Jimny even more reliable.

Which model of Suzuki Jimny is best?

The Jimny has a few cosmetic and equipment upgrades compared to the entry-level Jimny Lite, both are available with a five-speed manual, but only the better-equipped Jimny has the option of a four-speed automatic. We recommend the fully equipped Jimny over the Jimny Lite.

Why is Suzuki Jimny famous?

The Jimny’s most important characteristic is its durability and capability. It can keep up with the big boys when they venture off-road. There is plenty of content on YouTube proving the might of the little Jimny. AMG G63 v Suzuki Jimny v Jeep Wrangler – Up-Hill DRAG RACE & which is best OFF-ROAD!

Is a Jimny a real 4×4?

Outside is hectic. Luckily, the Jimny was built to withstand nature’s cruellest whims. With a powerful 1.5L engine and advanced 4WD technology, the world is your road and the light is always green (except when it isn’t, obviously).

How fast can Jimny go?

100km/hr typical speed.

Why is Jimny pricey?

Being an imported model, the made-in-Japan (CBU) Suzuki Jimny is slapped with a 75-percent excise duty and 30-percent import duty, bumping the already-expensive price even higher up.

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