Is VW Caravelle a good car?

The Caravelle isn’t cheap, but it offers unrivalled space and versatility. It’s also surprisingly good to drive and does an excellent job of hiding its van underpinnings. If you’re looking for the ultimate family runaround, then the big VW should be at the top of your list.

Do VW still make Caravelle?

A new era for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles sees the Multivan replacing the Caravelle 6.1. From its spacious design, incredible versatility to improved connectivity, and a choice of powertrains, including a plug-in hybrid option, Multivan can provide everything you or your business needs.

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What is the Volkswagen Caravelle?

Volkswagen Caravelle is the nameplate of a van based on the Volkswagen Transporter. For information about the Caravelle, refer to the regular Transporter articles: Volkswagen Type 2 (1950–1979), the Caravelle version has a more comfortable interior reminiscent of passenger cars.

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What is a Caravelle used for?

Caravelles are what they use on The Apprentice to shuttle contestants about London – business busses, in which important business people can discuss important business things on their way to important business meetings.

Is the VW Caravelle 4×4?

Answered by CarsGuide

Both variants of the Volkswagen Caravelle sold new in Australia at the moment are front-wheel drive, however there have been 4×4 variants of previous-generation models sold in the past.

What is the difference between VW Multivan and Caravelle?

The Multivan is slightly more practical than the Caravelle, as there’s more space behind the rear seats. Even with all seats in place, it offers 469 litres of space – more than the entire boot space of a Volkswagen T-Roc – and removing the third row of seats frees up a vast 1,844 litres.

What is a VW cabby?

The Volkswagen Caddy is a panel van and leisure activity vehicle (M-segment) produced by the German automaker Volkswagen Group since 1980. It is sold in Europe and in other markets around the world. The Volkswagen Caddy was first introduced in North America in 1980 and in Europe in 1982.

What is the difference between a Caravelle and a California?

The Multivan is available in both short- and long-wheelbase body styles and comes with seven seats, whereas the Caravelle only comes in long-wheelbase form with nine seats. The California Beach is a camper van offering that brings a pop-top roof and is available in either a five- or seven-seat configuration.

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What is the difference between Kombi and Caravelle?

The Kombi can be powered with either 75kW or 103kW engine while the Caravelle is offered with a single 132kW engine. The 75kW engine is mated to a five-speed manual while 103kW can be coupled to either six-speed manual or seven-speed DSG auto. The Caravelle is only available with DSG transmission.

Does a Caravelle have a bed?

The rear triple bench seat converts to a bed and there is also the option for 2 single mid row seat that swivel and recline so passengers can travel facing the rear of the van.

Is a Caravelle a campervan?

The Volkswagen Caravelle replacement, or T7 Multivan, is on sale now. It’s available with diesel and (for the first time) a plug-in hybrid engine option, and will soon be offered as a practical California camper van. Volkswagen has revealed the new T7 Multivan – or Caravelle as it’s known in the UK.

Why did VW stop making Kombi?

The Kombi has been produced in Brazil since 1957, making it the longest produced model in automotive history. The final van will roll off the production line of VW’s Anchieta plant in Sao Bernardo do Campo, Brazil, on Friday, as the company cannot meet the country’s new safety standards.

What is the VW Rabbit called now?

The Volkswagen Golf is one of the most popular cars ever produced, with over 30 million cars sold since the mid 1970s.

What is the most desirable VW Bus?

The Transporter is by far the most popular VW camper van of all time, and perhaps the most popular small camper in the whole of Europe. It all started with the classic VW Bus back in the 60’s, this is what some what say started the whole van life scene.

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What are the rarest VW buses?

Though the production of the Volkswagen Microbus in its myriad forms exceeded 6.9 million units, there were only around 110,000 Deluxe Samba vans produced, making them the rarest of the many formats in which the Microbus was produced.

What is the most luxurious VW?

Volkswagen Phaeton
Class Full-size luxury car
Body style 4-door sedan
Layout Longitudinal FF layout Longitudinal F4 layout (4motion)
Platform Volkswagen Group D1

What is the best selling VW of all time?

Volkswagen has claimed its Beetle is the best-selling car in history, as it did not substantially change throughout its production run. By contrast, Toyota has applied the Corolla nameplate to 12 generations since 1966, which have sold over 50 million through 2021.

How many miles can a VW bus last?

According to, a Volkswagen that is cared for properly should last 100,000 – 200,000 miles. Some have lasted far beyond that.

Do Volkswagens hold their value?

Volkswagens tend to hold a good amount of value over time, with certain models depreciating only about 40% after three years of ownership. Mileage: Your car’s mileage directly relates to its condition. If you’ve racked up 100,000 miles or more, you might have to bring the price down.

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