What is E92 mean?

The E90 and E92 are the same generation 3-series. E90 represents the sedan while E92 is the coupe. They both use the same BMW N52 engine, so the engine specs will remain the same. However, the E90 and E92 designation means the cars actually lie upon different chassis.

What series is a E92?

Choose a BMW E92 3 Series Coupe version from the list below to get information about engine specs, horsepower, CO2 emissions, fuel consumption, dimensions, tires size, weight and many other facts.

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Does E92 have Turbo?

The E92 335i was the first 3 Series model produced with a turbocharged petrol engine.

Is E92 Twin Turbo?

BMW’s M3 has always been a ripe option for engine swaps and this E92 might be one of the most aggressive thanks to a twin-turbo LS3 under the hood.

What year is E92 N54?

2011-2013 BMW 335is (E Chassis, N54 Engine)

It’s also only available in the E92 coupe, and E93 convertible body styles. Unlike the standard 335i of the same years, the 335is uses the older N54 engine.

Is the E92 a V8?

The V8 engine oft the BMW M3 E90, E92 and E93. Although it replaced the epochal in-line 6-cylinder engine that had been so popular with fans for the previous 15 years, the V-shaped eight-cylinder was a winner right from the start.

What cars have the N52 engine?

The BMW N52 is a naturally aspirated straight-six petrol engine which was produced from 2004 to 2015. The N52 replaced the BMW M54 and debuted on the E90 3 Series and E63 6 Series.

BMW N52.

BMW N52 engine
Block material Magnesium-Aluminium
Head material Aluminium
Valvetrain DOHC, with VVT & VVL

What cars have a N54 engine?

Which Cars Have The N54 Engine?
  • 2006-2010 BMW E90/E91/E92/E93 335i.
  • 2007-2010 BMW E60/E61 535i.
  • 2007-2010 BMW E82/E88 135i.
  • 2007-2010 Alpina B3.
  • 2008-2010 BMW E71 X6 xDrive35i.
  • 2008-2012 BMW F01 740i.
  • 2009-2016 BMW E89 Z4 sDrive35i.
  • 2010-2013 BMW E92/E93 335is.

Whats faster N54 or N55?

The N55 twin-scroll turbo offers slightly faster turbo spool and delivers peak torque 100 RPM’s sooner than the N54; a characteristic that is not noticeable as each turbo set up spools quickly and delivers impressive torque through-out the low end and midrange.

Why is the N54 so strong?

BMW’s N54 cranks are incredibly strong. They’re forged, well balanced, and pretty beefy. Right now the limits of the stock crank are still up in the air. We’re not aware of any N54 crankshaft failures, even at 900-1000whp.

How long do turbos last on N54?

Turbochargers on the BMW N54, for the most part, last around 100,000 miles before they have to be rebuilt or replaced. It isn’t uncommon to hear of cars that have the original turbos still functioning as designed upward of 200,000 miles.

What is the highest mileage N54?

BMW N54 Longevity. The N54 can quite easily exceed 200,000 miles. Heck, there are even upgraded turbo N54’s pushing 500+whp with higher mileage.

Is the N54 single or twin turbo?

The single turbo N54 also makes less torque but manages 125 horsepower more than the twin turbo setup. On the contrary, the twin turbo setup rolls in a whopping 636 wheel-torque below 4500rpms while peak power occurs prior to 5000rpms.

What is the fastest N54?

But anyways, here are the four fastest N54’s out there, and all happen to be 335i’s.

We now have a new world record coming in at 978WHP!

What year did N54 stop?

The BMW N54 is a twin-turbocharged straight-six petrol engine that was produced from 2006 to 2016.

How much HP can the N54 motor take?

How Much Horsepower can the N54 Engine Handle? The stock N54 internal parts should not go above 600 whp and 600 wtq. If you want to go above that, at the very least, consider adding upgraded pistons, rods, and better bearings. Then it should be able to handle about 850 whp.

How fast is 335i N54?

Engine 2979cc, in-line 6-cyl, twin-turbo
Max torque 404lb ft @ 3220rpm
0-60 4.6sec
Top speed 155mph
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