What problems do Kia Picanto have?

There have been reports of problems with the crankshaft pulley bolt failing, the crankshaft position sensor failing and the crankshaft snapping just behind the crank timing gear. Any one of these problems can lead to starting issues, lack of power and/or poor engine idling.

How much does the Kia Picanto cost in South Africa?

The all-new Kia Picanto from R202 995. A compact and modern design makes the all-new Kia Picanto perfect for your day-to-day urban driving. If the city makes you feel young and alive, and you’re eager to explore new places, you’ve found a soulmate in the new Kia Picanto.

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Are Kia Picantos good on fuel?

The best economy comes from the basic 1.0-litre petrol engine – in most circumstances. With just 67hp, it’s at its best when lightly loaded and performing low-speed town driving. We saw in excess of 60mpg during a week’s commuting.

Which is better Kia Picanto or Suzuki Swift?

The Swift has the better trip computer giving range readout and average fuel consumption. Space wise the Swift feels the bigger car, passenger in the front and rear have more space to move around and there’s more rear legroom in the Swift.

How much is a Kia Picanto 2022?

R 266 995.00 (Recommended retail)

What is the cheapest Kia car in South Africa?

  • Rio. R290 995.
  • Sonet. R306 995.
  • Seltos. R415 995.
  • Sportage. R539 995.
  • Sorento. R813 995.
  • Carnival. R803 995.
  • K2700. R318 995.
  • K2500. R366 995.

Is a Kia Picanto a good car South Africa?

The Kia Picanto is an excellent first car. Its small size and light controls make it considerably easier to drive than most crossovers, SUVs and sedans.

Is Kia Picanto a reliable car?

Kia Picanto reliability

Kia as a brand also made a very impressive account of itself, coming in third place behind Tesla and Porsche in our 2022 Driver Power survey according to owners. It was high in the top 10 across every category, impressing with the quality of its cars for the price.

Is Picanto bigger than Yaris?

The Picanto is slightly smaller than the Yaris but both models line-up on price.

Will the Kia Picanto be discontinued?

Kia Australia doubles down on Mitsubishi Mirage and Fiat 500 rival in shrinking segment. Nearly all of the Picanto’s rivals have been axed, but Kia’s tiniest car will be around for a lot longer, the brand says.

How long does Kia Picanto last?

How long does a Kia Picanto engine last? The Kia Picanto possesses a reliable engine. Most owners report no significant issues before hitting 250,000 km on the odometer. Even after hitting the 250K mark, most consumer complaints only refer to occasional rough idling and starting problems.

What does Picanto mean in English?

Name origin. The name “Picanto” relates to the Spanish and Italian words “picante/piccante”, meaning “spicy.” The Korean’s version name “Morning” may trace its origin from the “Morning Calm”, as a reference to South Korea’s tradition.

Is Kia Picanto a good first car?

Kia Picanto hatchback review

We rate the Picanto as one of the best small cars for first-time buyers because it’s cheap to run, cheap to buy, and comes with a seven-year warranty. It’s more practical than the Volkswagen up! too. This third-generation Picanto is a great all-rounder, with three engines to choose from.

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How many miles can a Kia Picanto do on a full tank?

415 miles

What is the fuel consumption of Kia Picanto?

Kia Picanto Mileage

The Manual Petrol variant has a mileage of 16.8 kmpl.

What is a Kia Picanto like to drive?

What’s it like to drive? The Kia Picanto’s small, slim body makes it easy to drive in town and the 1.0-litre turbo petrol engine is nippy, but things quickly unravel when you get on the motorway.

Is the Kia Picanto noisy?

Small cars are generally quite noisy at motorway speeds and the Picanto is no different.

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