What problems do Volvo V50 have?

The V50 has been recalled numerous times, most noticeably for potential leaks in the fuel pipes and power steering pipes, faulty handbrakes and faulty cooling fans.

Why was Volvo V50 discontinued?

Both models have struggled to attract American car buyers — the automaker had reshuffled trim names and content offerings to make each more attractive over time. Even so, the S40 and V50 have seen double-digit decreases in year-over-year sales, which are down 29.5% for the S40 and 59.1% for the V50.

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Is the Volvo V50 fast?

Fast Volvos rarely hit the mark and after sampling the 170bhp 2.4-litre model, there’s little to modify that opinion. This engine will still get to 60mph in 7.9 seconds but needs a bit more work to do so.

Who makes Volvo V50 engines?

The Volvo V50 and the new S40 are being launched with an entirely new four-cylinder diesel engine, the result of an engine development programme undertaken jointly by Ford and PSA.

Which Volvo engines are Ford?

Volvo used a mixture of Ford engines, and its own five-cylinder turbo units, up until 2014, when all the engines began to be replaced by Volvo’s new (and still-current) family of Swedish-designed and built four-cylinder turbo engines. The best engine is Volvo’s own 2.0-litre D4 diesel, with 190hp.

Is Volvo built by Ford?

Renowned for their years of leadership in automotive safety, Volvo Cars was purchased by the Ford Motor Company and remained part of their Premier Automotive brands from 1999 to 2010. The automaker is now owned by Geely Automobile, a major automotive brand based in China.

What is a V50 engine?

Volvo V50
Related Volvo S40
Engine Petrol: Global: 1.6L I4 (100 hp) 1.8L I4 (125 hp) 2.0L I4 (145 hp) 2.4 L I5 (140 hp) Global and North America: 2.4 L I5 (168 hp) 2.5 L T5 turbocharged I5 (230 hp) Diesel: 1.6L I4 (109 hp) 2.0L I4 (136 hp) 2.4L D5 turbocharged I5 (180 hp) Flexifuel: 1.8L I4 (125 hp)
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What engine is in the Volvo V50 2.0 D?

The Volvo V50 2.0D has a Inline 4, Diesel engine with 1998 cm3 / 121.9 cu-in capacity.

Is Volvo V50 economical?

Volvo V50 running costs are pretty impressive if you go for the DRIVe models. These include stop-start technology, which helps to achieve an official average of 74.3mpg – an amazing feat for a car of this size. Volvo servicing isn’t particularly cheap, but there are a few independent Volvo specialists around.

Do Volvo use Peugeot engines?

Instead of developing a unique and expensive engine for themselves, Volvo saved the money from developing costs and bought the engine from PSA (Peugeot-Citroën) and made it better in terms of reliability and performance. This gave them an edge in terms of cost-cutting.

What does V50 mean?

“V-50″ or” Velocity-50%” – is a ballistic test where bullets are fired at higher and higher velocities until they start penetrating. The velocity of the bullets where 50% of the bullets DON’T penetrate, and 50% of the bullets DO penetrate is the V-50 rating for that ballistic protection.

Is Volvo V50 a good family car?

The versatile Volvo V50 is a handsome and desirable family estate car, despite its age. Although the V50 has been around for years, the compact Swedish estate still has plenty to recommend it.

Can you sleep in a Volvo V50?

I am 6’2″ and i can sleep comfortably in my Volvo V50. It is 10 years old and i get between 48.6 and 52.8 mpg.

When Should timing belt be replaced on Volvo V50?

Every 60k-90k miles.

If an engine is equipped with a timing belt, the timing belt must be replaced at the service interval specified by the vehicle manufacturer regardless of whether or not any problem is visible, typically in the range of 60,000 to 90,000 miles.

How often should a timing belt be changed on a Volvo V50?

Volvo recommends that the timing belt in their models be replaced every 60,000 to 100,000 miles. If left unreplaced, the timing belt will eventually stretch to the point where it snaps, which will cause catastrophic damages to your Volvo’s engine.

What is the difference between a Volvo V70 and a V50?

The 2008 Volvo V50 has the efficiency and compactness of a small car with the available safety features and poise of a larger sport wagon. The 2008 Volvo V70 is the modern interpretation of the legendary Volvo wagons, with just as much utility but a lot more style and comfort.

Is BMW better than Volvo?

While BMWs are lightweight cars with fantastic performance. Nonetheless, Volvo is more reliable than BMW. Volvo offers better mileage, comfort, and lower cost of maintenance. While BMWs tend to wear off after extensive use.

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